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Conference and workshop for HR managers, team leaders,
business owners and anyone interested in:

How to (get) fire(d) up And not burn out

OCTOBER 24,2022

9:30 - 17:00, registration possible from 9:00


Pernerova 697/35, 186 00 Prague 8-Karlín

Online stream + recording

Employee engagement is key for companies. This is why companies are investing more and more in workplace well-being and team motivation.

Yet more than half of Czechs feel a heavy workload at work, most of them are graduates and women. According to a survey by Grafton Recruitment, 70% of Czechs experience stress at work.

Whatever you have done so far to increase team engagement and combat burn out syndrome has probably had minimal impact.  Changing external conditions does not have a long-term effect on the internal settings and experiences of your people.



What we feel and experience.

Although it seems like it and many experts say it, stress and burn out never come from the outside (i.e., to-do lists, deadlines, money, lack of time, customers, colleagues, or management). Different people perceive the same situations differently. Their perception of stress is variable depending on the content of their thinking at the time. Engagement, motivation, feelings of stress and burn out are all states that come from within.

Stress, burnout and all other internal states come 100% from our own thinking.

And it is inward that our attention should be directed if we want a happy and satisfied team with a natural passion for the cause. Most of what you have heard so far about motivation, team leadership, engagement, stress, and feeling burnt out has probably been directed towards adjusting external influences.

If you are interested in a simpler path that has a lasting impact, please accept our warm invitation to a unique conference with a workshop that aims to dispel perceived myths about the connection between engagement, stress and burnout.

PROGRAMME of the day:

The conference consists of 2 parts: morning key notes and panel discussion and afternoon workshops where you will be able to experience first-hand all that is talked about in the morning. How to work with stress and burnout at work. The knowledge gained at the conference can have (and often does) a positive impact on other areas of life than work.

Coffee, tea and water will be provided for participants during the coffee breaks. Fantastic refreshments will be available for purchase on site at Spojka Karlín according to your own taste preferences.

9:30 - 12:30

Conference and panel discussion

14:00 - 17:00

Interactive workshops in small groups. 1000 problems, 1 new solution


  • Overtime and idleness are not signs of engagement, but of misunderstanding.
  • Why does not the form of feedback matter and what does really matter about feedback?
  • The inocence of overload and how to prevent it.
  • Efficiency: can you get 10x as much done with half the effort?
  • What if deadlines, clients or money are not the problem?
  • What if there are no problematic colleagues, clients or bosses?
  • Listening as a simple technique that always shows the next step.
  • Why problem solving sometimes does not help.
  • ... and more

The event will feature:

We have invited 4 speakers to share insights from their many years of experience as mentors and transformative coaches of leaders and teams. You can look forward to 3 Czech and 1 international guest.

Special guest: Wyn Morgan

Owner of Wynning Coaching &Training, transformative coach and mentor to leaders and teams of multinational corporations. He lives and works in the UK, but spends more than half of his time working with clients around the world.

"The source of in exhaustible solutions and possibilities is within ourselves. Linking this understanding to corporate vision and values enables organisations to grow by leaps and bounds.

Engaging the minds and hearts of your people in your business processes brings about fundamental and lasting change at all levels. Efficiency, performance, creativity, engagement and loyalty are naturally enhanced."



Co-founder and Vice-Chair of Porozumeni mysli z.s., CEO of SmartSelling a.s. with the main product of the marketing automation platform Smart Emailing, transformative coach and mentor.


For me, employee engagement is not about time, extra work or overload. But that is exactly the reality I generally encounter. The belief that engagement logically leads to burnout. And it can lead to burnout, so you need to tread carefully. It´s a big social myth. I know it doesn´t take 10 times as much effort to get 10 times better results. I know that the best results are not achieved by hard work, but by being in flow with ease.”



Co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Porozumeni mysli z.s., Managing Director of the nanotechnology holding company IQS Group and Coaching Prosperity s.r.o., transformative coach and mentor.


Do you know the difference when your head is overwhelmed, everything is going from ten to five, everything is a chore, ideas are not coming, compared to when your head is clear and everything is going smoothly? How about you and your team being in FLOW more often - spending more time in the OPTIMAL STATE OF MIND? And do it without techniques and manuals. Just be using your innateabilities and principles of how the mind works."




Co-founder, President and Executive Director of Porozumění mysli z. s., transformative coach and mentor

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by overcomming the fear of trying

This phrase inspires me whenever I feel low. Feelings are the other side of our thoughts. People often feel being victims of their own thinking or feelings. I like to discuss with them ways to notice that we are in the process of thinking and what that means. And then there is the question of who's actually thinking. By simplifying everything in our lives, we naturally move on to better navigation in life and work situations, less inner suffering and stress. Better self-navigation through clients' lives is what makes sense to me about the work of a transformative coach. By understanding the mind and who we are, people are able to communicate better, listen better, prioritize better for themselves and their team, and return to their mental health and well-being. "


In the ticket price you will get:

  • A whole new perspective on engagement and burnout
  • Admission to the lecture and panel discussion
  • Admission to the afternoon workshops
  • Coffee, water, tea
  • A recording of the conference morning session

Special bonus for companies and organisations:

Individual online consultation worth 5000 CZK on what your company needs. Whatever you are stuck on internally, you can discuss with a professional business coach as well as what would be great to change in your company or what you want to achieve. 

One consultation per company can be used.


We do not apply to VAT.

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About the organizers:

Porozumění mysli z. s.

(Understanding the Mind)

Understanding the Mind z.s. is a non-profit organization that helps spread awareness about mental health and promotes an unconventional approach to getting back to it in a natural and easy way. We start from the fact that inner peace, happiness, love and unlimited creative potential were given to us at birth. They are there for available to everyone, without distinction. We hold free webinars for the general public: the Academy of Human Potential and the Academy of Understanding Business.

We train professionals - new transformative coaches and leaders for business and the non-profit sector. We are involved in projects in education, sports, social sector and others.

Our vision is to spread understanding of how the mind works so that everyone can have less worry and more joy in their work and personal lives. We want to promote a happy and satisfied Czech Republic.


coaching prosperity s.r.o.

We are a company that helps companies, teams and individuals create the impossible.

We draw on revolutionary principles of understanding how the mind works to help our clients discover their optimal alignment and unlimited potential and achieve even the biggest goals with peace, ease and without undue stress.

We help people be at ease at work, and anywhere else, while being productive, efficient and excited about life and their own possibilities.